USS Bonhomme Richard
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USS Bonhomme Richard
Stationed In The Pacific

Letters From Sailors

Mama Cindy
Thanks so much for the simple things in life we tend to forget when we are
on deployment. Truly, you are a Blessing from God and I'm very thankful.
Continue to do the things your doing to enlighten our Fellow Sailors while we
are out fighting for the Safety of Our Country. Take Care and We Love You!

Mama Cindy,
I'd Like to ask a favor for care packages from home and especially
from you for my Saliors here on board the USS Bonhomme Richard.
Do you think you could assist? I'll give you more information once
I receive a reply back from you. Thank you so much for everything you
do! Sincerely, Adam Pierce~Avation Ordnance Cheif, USN

Hi Mama Cindy,
We get a bit swamped for days at a time out here in the Pacific Ocean.
Well, unlike the desert, it is incredibility humid here. Very Humid.
Anything that can absorb water, it will. I have included a list of
items the men and women aboard ship have put together. I have 81
people in my department onboard ship. So...What do you think?
Think we can get some goodie boxes for them? I know it is asking
alot, but the way their spirits will be raised!!! Maybe some cards
from the local elemantary school too! Thank You so much Mama Cindy,
we always love what you do for the Troops!Adam

Thank You so much for adopting yet again! I feel so good as an
Orphaned Sailor. This is Wonderful! Thanks So Much! Adam

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank You, Thank you.
Your caring for all the Sailors/Soldiers/Marines is tremendous
and is Godsend. Thank you so much fior everything you do. I
can't thank you enough. I can't wait to tell you about the
smiles on their faces.

Hello Mama Cindy!,
We received two boxes yesterday again. Lots of marshmallows and
everybody loved them..gone so quick! Additionally, all the magazines,
everybody loves those too. Everything is being utilized so much,
a little touch of home is so nice. Thank you so much for sending
all of them to us! We definitely appreciate everything you do for
us out here! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Hugs from the
Deep Pacific Ocean! Adam

Mama Cindy,
I can't thank you enough for the Diddy Box, both my parents were
in the Military. When they would come home on Deployments they
would tell us about all the care packages,they loved getting
them and so do I. Again, Thank You for everything that you
do. Nicole Calvery

Mama Cindy,
Thank you so much for the Diddy Box. It brightened my day as soon
as I received it. It is always special when you receive a letter
or box from someone at mail call. It is because of people like you
that I continue to serve. Thank You so much! Timothy Hixson.

Mama Cindy,
Thank you for the Care Package. It made me feel good to receive the
package. It is awesome what you do for all the Service members. Thanks
to Adam we now have an adopted Mother who will not forget about us.
Thanks! GMC Lindaver

Mama Cindy,
Thank you for This Wonderful Gift. God Bless You For the Act Of
Kindness. It is my Honor To Serve My Country and Defend The
Freedom Of My Family. Thank You Once Again. Ricardo

Thank you taking your time to put or packages together. I am glad
that there is people out there like you who take the time to
show others that you care and have compassion. Thank you for
supporting us and adopting us as your military children.
AOAN Overly

Mama Cindy
Thank you for the diddy box. I don't get mail very often and when I found
out that I had a care package I was just overjoyed. I think that what you are
doing is a very wonderful thing and I'm sure that many others appreciate
these just as much as I do. Thank you for everything you are doing. Gregory

Good Morning Mama Cindy!
OMG! So many of my Sailors are receiving your care packages! Thank you so
much for sending them. It's wonderful that you are taking so much of your
personal time to think about them! I certainly appreciate you. I certainly
appreciate everything that you do for them as well. Thank you so much from the
bottom of my heart. You certainly are a gift from God. Adam Pierce

Mama Cindy,
Thanks so much for the Simple Things In Life that we tend to forget when we are on deployment.
Truely you are a Blessing From God And I am Very Thankful. Continue to do the thing that you are doing
to enlighten our Fellow Sailors while we are out fighting for the saftey of our country.
Take care and We Love You. Robert

As of August 1, 2015, 114 Packages, 173 Diddy Boxes totaling 1,019 pounds have been sent.





Letters From Sailors


Hello Mama
Well got one of your packages today! I was so excited,
everything, even the toys are being enjoyed!
I Like Everything! Thank You again for making my day!!~Emily

Mama Cindy
I got your second package! Thank you so much for everything!
I have told a bunch of my shipmates about you and what you do.
I have a few friends that would be more than happy to put their
names down for care packages. I know you love to make people smile
and be happy! I really can't thank you enough! That package made
my whole day! I miss you so much and will write soon. Tell everyone
at home I said Hello and miss them too!~Emily