What Can We Donate?
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Here are some items on the Perishable List:
Individual easy open canned items, prepackaged salt, pepper, sugar, sugar substitute,
Prepackaged jellies, peanut butter and jelly in plastic jars, honey, sauces,
prepackaged cookies, crackers, instant oatmeal, granola bars, peanuts,
raisins, trail mix, hard candy, beef jerky, roman noodles, cup of soup in packages not
cups, individual meals to go, drinks to go, hot chocolate, coffee and tea.

Here are some items on the Personal Care Item List:
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, toothbrush cases or covers, dental floss, travel size shampoo,
conditioner, lotion, deodorant(men and women), disposable razors, shaveing gel in tube,
female products, men's boot insoles, heavy gray construction boot socks, foot powder,
foot lotion, corn pads, pumice stone, toe and nail clippers, nail files, baby wipes,travel
size tissues, skin so soft and chapstick.

Here are some items on the Paper Goods List:
Note pads, pens, pencils, pencil shapeners, envelopes, variety of greeting and thank you
cards, playing cards, travel size games,puzzle books, hunting and fishing magazines,
women's magazines,paper back books, DVD movies, zip lock bags(all sizes),travel
size baby wipes and travel size tissues.

Other items on their Wish List:
Men's Tee Shirts bottoms all sizes, travel size powder laudry soap(not tide), travel size sewinf kits,
pillow cases, twin sheets, wash clothes, hand towels and large towels.

How Can You Send Packages?


The United States Postal Service can send you free of charge priority flat rate boxes along with the paper work for sending packages over seas. Call 1-800-610-8734. Know that they will come 25 boxes to an order. There are two different size flat rate boxes. 11 x 8.5 x 5.50-order number-0-FRB1 (this is the one I mostly use) 11.875 x 3.375 x 13.625-order number-0-FRB2. No matter how much the box weighs or where it is going, the flat rate cost is $12.35 (medium) and $14.85 (Large APO). Priority address label-5 3/4 x 4-order number 228. Customs Declaration Form-order number-2976A and the envelope form 2976E. I only suggest you order if you need more than a few boxes. You can go to your local post office if you are only sending a few boxes and they will help you to fill out the information on the customs label. You do have to list all items in the box on the customs form. I do take items out of as much packaging as possible and put items into zip lock bags to keep items fresh, clean from sand and they reuse the zip lock bags. Home baked cookies are wrapped in wax paper then put into individual zip lock bags to keep them fresh and germ free. This way when the cookies are opened to share with others, no germs will be transferred from one person to another. It also protects against the sand getting into the goodies. I do hope I was able to answer some of your questions.

Military Working Dogs Wish List


Grooming Brushes, Shampoo, Tennis Balls, Rope Toys, Kong Balls, Milk Bones, Fleece Lined Windbreakers and Healthy Snacks

K-9 Supplies

Packaged Valentine's Diddy Boxes