Military Working Dog Teams
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I have created a New Program of sending "Care Packages" to our "Military Working Dog Teams" stationed in Afghanistan. I began working with MSgt Brandon Tillman with the USAF. He was the Kennel Master and distributed them to all of his teams encompassing the Army, Air Force and the Navy. I ship healthy meals, snacks, treats, grooming brushes and pull toys to support the morale of our Military Working Dog Teams. Monetary Donations are needed to purchase supplies and for shipping. You can send a donation to: Mama Cindy Soldier Program, 5002 Old Bald Hill Road, Hemlock, New York 14466.

As of February 1, 2020, Mama Cindy has shipped 384 "Care Packages" of supplies weighing 2,596
pounds to our Military Working Dog teams Stationed in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Mama Cindy is working with Shelia Howard stationed in Kuwait She is one of the Military Dog Team handlers. At the Kennels, Shelia is known as "Mama She". Uma is Shelia's Military Working Dog. Uma is a Black English Lab that is 7 years old, 24" tall and weighs 41.8 pounds they have been together for five years. Check out the video http/://

Military Working Dog Handler SPC Yang and Military Working Dog Howard

Letters From K-9 Units:

MamaCindy~I just wanted to take a minute to send a very sincere thank you for the "Diddy Box" It was very thoughtful of you to put these together for us. it is greatly appreciated sometimes the little thought and guesters are enough to make your day. This little package sure put a smile on my face.
Take Care God Bless~Clint Carter(ITT K-BOSS K-9)

Mama Cindy~We did receive a box of goodies and for that we are greatful. Thank you so much for the kind consideration of Soldiers, Sailors and Airman,
be it two legged or four. Thank You~Brandon

Mama Cindy~As for K-9 shampoo, milk bone treats, cloth collars. Of course, I would want a pink or bright color for my little girl. Mama Cindy, we apprieciate everything you do for us. The collection of movies you sent we perfect. Because of the diversity of personalities in the kennels,
there was something for everyone to enjoy. Again, thank you for careing about us. Sincerely~Shelia

Mama Cindy~Good hearing from you. Yes, I am still in Kuwait. Received the package and Uma loves all of her gifts. Uma is doing well just working her little butt off and waiting on retirement. All the Handlers here really appriecaite as I do all you do for us.~Shelia

US Airforce Staff Sgt. Chris Fall, Military Working Dog Handler, relaxes with his Dog-Glenn, a patrol explosive dectection dog, before an early morning training exercise at Kandahar Airfield Afghanistan. The handlers and their dogs rotate through Kandahar Airfield for validation prior to moving out to forward operating bases around the country where they will lead combat foot patrols and sniff out IEP's and other explosives.

USAF SSGT James Evatt and MWD Jany from the 802 SFS currently deployed in a FOB in Southern Afghanistan

Major Butch, a therapy dog with the 219th Medical Detatchment (Combat Operational Stress Control) concludes her tour interacting with Service Members in Afghanistan at Bagram Airfield.

Military Working Dog and Soldiers on patrol. Vietnam 1969

Marines~~2nd Supply Company~~MWD Jordan~~Iraq>